In june 1975, I decided to buy my first Bull Terrier, I showed Maite (my fiancee by that time) a dog breed poster and asked her: "Which three breeds are the ugliest ones?". She pointed out Bull Terrier as one of them.

I asked her again: "Which of them is the ugliest one?". She answered: "The Bull Terrier!!".

Even so, next day I travelled to U.K. and came back with "Mauffin of Lenster", my first Bull Terrier bitch.

I insisted and married Maite (or should I say, she married me?) February 7th, 1976, only a few months later. Today, we have already celebrated our 29th Aniversary ... Maite, me and our Bull Terriers!!


Since that day, june 30th, 1975, we have never separated our Bull Terriers and frequently they have really been responsible for most decisions we have taken along our life.





Things have changed a lot. Maite thinks, now, Bull Terriers are beautiful. I think it is not necessary to exagerate, Bull Terriers are just... UNIQUE!!.

One day, I might decide to accept one of many offers I have received, to write a book about Bull Terriers. It would really be the only way of telling people the tremendous quantity of experiences, some of them funny and some others absolutely not, I have had along all these years.

I'm Bull Terrier & Miniature Bull Terrier Breed Specialist International Judge (FCI) and I'm very proud and happy to contribute with my judging and my oppinions to the selection of the best Bull Terrier dogs and bitches.

From 1993 to 2001, I have been President of the Spanish Terrier Club, only Club in Spain, during those years, approved by the Spanish Kennel Club, for all Terrier Breeds of Group III (FCI), except Yorkies.

During those years the CET had a  important revival nationally and internationally  and once numbered over five hundred members.

For several years, el cornijal and Bullcok (Francisco Ballester), work together. We have joined our long experience and under the affix El Cornijal of follow, with greater enthusiasm than ever, raising the finest examples of Bull Terrier Miniature.





Answering the question: "Who are we?", is very easy:


(+34) 609 95 38 43